Against deforestation essay

Due to environmental pollution as a fall-out of deforestation, there has been an increase in human diseases.


As carbon dioxide accrues, it produces a layer in the atmosphere that traps radiation from the sun. It has dramatically reduced humidity in the Amazon, turning foliage into kindling. Where do they go? Population should be controlled to lessen the need of forests cutting.

Many rare varieties of animal skins are available in deep Against deforestation essay the forests. And, what happens to the animals that make a home in our trees? There are the nomads, the tribal population or the women who collect dry wood from the forests for fuel, who are made the accused in the denuding of the forest cover.

Deforestation and degradation in their area have contributed about 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions GHGalthough forests absorb them, if properly managed.

In a year, trees spread over one acre absorb as much carbon as a car produces covering a distance of miles, on an average. The number of wildlife has decreased by 58 percent from to It has been said in the report that natural forest area has decreased by six percent.

If that happens, it is bound to have a negative impact on diversity and ecological balance. According to a recent WWF report, 13 lakh people are employed directly by forest based industries, while 41 lakh people are informally working in these industries worldwide.

It is true that in an illustrious and sympathetic governor of the presidency, Thomas Munro, abolished the position of conservator, but he did so in doctrinaire—and unfortunately incorrect-belief that supply and demand would stimulate private afforestation if timber supplies ran low.

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According to the World Rainforest Movement, twenty-five percent of our medicine comes from the forests. They are truly life-giving. Missing data stata analysis essay saga introductions for essays. This is how floods occur. If major steps towards afforestation are not taken, then even the great adaptability of human beings may not be enough to cope up with the harsh climate of the future.

A large part of the fertile land is being lost every year. Trees have a greater role in maintaining the environmental equilibrium than any other component of nature. One single most important person in my life essay giacomo puccini biography essay moral depravity is the root cause of poverty essay toms essay schreiben beispiel deutscher essay on save mother earth perfect essay about myself for interview quotations for essay my last day at school quotes on commerce education essay write essay your future modern life and stress essay paper zakhar kabluchko dissertation.

Then how will it develop? Try to imagine the earth without our trees, not just because of the things above, but also for the beauty of nature.

Many of the reasons are region-specific, but in general it is possible to pin-point the major reasons for deforestation to occur.

Essay on Deforestation: Meaning, Causes and Effects

If the deforestation goes on unabated, then the day is not far when the life of all species will run into crisis. Efforts to encourage industry to meet the deficit through farm forestry in marginal lands have met with limited success.

Despite various laws and regulations, deforestation continues due to unscientific and lopsided development, population explosion and growing materialistic culture.

Deforestation lead to increasing air pollution, increasing level of poisonous gases in the environment, increasing soil and water pollution, increasing environmental heat, and many more.

Since the land area is limited, the only option for the real estate dealers is to buy the forest land for cheap, clear them and make housing sites for the urban populace.

Deforestation Essay

Forest fire is a major catalyst of the increasing rate of deforestation. Displacement of the masses on one side, the projects cause large areas of virgin forests to be destroyed ruthlessly. Forest planning should be implemented just like family planning. No planting occurred over the next four decades.

Increasing human population, increasing crowd, increasing competition in the world force human being to cut the forests and establish well developed cities or farms or land for harvesting.

Exploding human population requires more land to live and harvesting so they need to cut the forests. In the wake of global problems such as climate change, natural disasters, floods, storms, landslides etc, from time to time, the United Nations has continuously tried to focus on climate by providing protection to forests through its various agencies.

Continuous efforts are being made about environmental protection for decades. Today, in the blind race for development in the world, forests are being cut down rapidly, due to which the balance of environment is deteriorating and the danger for the survival of life on Earth is increasing.

List of the Most Impressive Deforestation Essay Topics for College

Since most lumber companies of the Amazon region are mostly from richer foreign countries, finding the extra fund to provide more extensive training for their employees should not cost any difficulty and is reasonably acceptable.

One of the major utilities of forests is that they absorb water in large quantities during flooding quickly. As per an estimate, seven million hectares of forest area is being destroyed worldwide in the name of development every year.

It is affecting the human lives to a great extent by forcing the negative changes to the environment and atmosphere.Deforestation in the Amazon's rain forest is becoming a very serious issue.

Each year during the s, farmers and ranchers cleared an average of 25 square kilometers of the forest. Each year during the s, farmers and ranchers cleared an average of 25 square kilometers of the forest. Deforestation is primarily a concern for the developing countries of the tropics (Myers, ) as it is shrinking areas of the tropical forests (Barraclough and Ghimire, ) causing loss of biodiversity and enhancing the greenhouse effect (Angelsen et al., ).

The Harmful Effects of Deforestation Essay Words | 8 Pages Deforestation has caused many huge impacts on the environment and we should cease the logging and burning being done to it. A basic statistic showing the population growth as population grows so does the rise and demand of more forests to be cut down and this leads to deforestation.

This is a break down of land area per sq. km / Solution to Deforestation. The article tries to stay in a neutral scientific stance, however it is obvious that the article is against deforestation.

List of the Most Impressive Deforestation Essay Topics for College

The second article, “The Amazon River Lowland” is also out of the same geography book. [tags: Nature Wildlife Essays] - This essay offers a defense to the position that humans are responsible for global warming.

- Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest: Human degradation and its consequences Deforestation is a word that displays an image of cruelty against nature. In any language, and on every continent, the word deforestation is frowned upon by all social classes, however why it is still happening.

Against deforestation essay
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